What Is Search engine optimization Hosting and Various C Class Hosting?

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Lately, Search engine optimization hosting has been obtaining a lot of buzz. I have study a handful of articles about it, and they fail to inform you specifically what it is, the rewards and the downfall it has on your internet sites. In addition, I am going to go into good detail about it, when it should really be utilized, and how it should really be utilized, if it at all.

What is Search engine optimization Hosting?

Search engine optimization hosting makes it possible for you to spread your domain names across various c class IPs, creating them appear distinctive and separated. Search engine optimization hosting tends to make it all achievable to handle these IPs below 1 manage panel. It would be a time consuming nightmare to have to login manually to each and every IP.

If you are not positive what an IP c class is, properly, each and every IP has 4 classes. Listed beneath is your standard numerical IP layout, and underneath will be how it is laid out in alphabet classes:



The instance above shows that, “111″ represents the IP “A” class, “222″ represents the IP “B” class, “333″ represents the IP “C” class, and “444″ represents the IP “D” class.

Now, if you had been to use search engine marketing hosting to host your internet web-sites, this is how it will appear more than various c class IPs.

111.222.333.444 (web-site #1)
111.222.334.444 (web-site #two)
111.222.335.444 (web-site #three)
111.222.336.444 (web-site #four)
111.222.337.444 (web-site #five)

Do you see the distinction? In my opinion, even even though you are hosting on various c class of IPs, it is a dead giveaway, when they are in numerical order, like in the instance above. For this to be as distinctive as achievable and not to be a dead giveaway, the c class IPs should really be mixed up, not in numerical order like above.

You may perhaps have no decision, in how the c class IPs are delivered. There are a restricted quantity of search engine marketing hosting providers, and may perhaps not supply that, but it by no means hurts to ask. In addition, there are a handful of that supply various c class search engine marketing hosting, and in various geographical regions, but they are quite pricey.

Conventional hosting may perhaps supply you added IPs at a charge, but extra than most likely they will be on the similar “D” class, creating them on the similar network and close in variety. Under is an instance of your internet sites spread out more than various d class IPs.

111.222.333.444 (web-site #1)
111.222.333.445 (web-site #two)
111.222.333.446 (web-site #three)
111.222.333.447 (web-site #four)
111.222.333.448 (web-site #five)

Goal of Various C Class Hosting

The objective of search engine marketing hosting, is to get an benefit more than your competitors by boosting your search engine rankings and hyperlink worth.

Persons that typically use search engine marketing hosting, are webmasters that have a big network of internet sites, with the objective of crosslinking to increase their rankings. If you use classic hosting solutions, and crosslinking inside the similar network, this will get you banned from the search engines quickly. In order to get away with it, you will have to have each and every internet web-site seem that they are distinctive and are on a various c class IP.

The extra distinctive your internet web-site seems to be to the search engines, the extra worth your hyperlinks will have. Search engines are quite picky about the worth of hyperlinks, and if they are on the similar network, they are practically have no worth at all. Like I stated prior to, the extra distinctive your internet web-site seems to be, the extra worth your hyperlinks will have.

Ahead of you purchase a search engine marketing hosting strategy, there are a lot of other aspects to account for and steer clear of, or this complete situation is useless.


One more incredibly significant element in search engine marketing hosting that is hardly ever talked about, are nameservers. Search engines use the whois details, and they collect extra than just who owns the web-site, but exactly where it is hosted, the IP, of course, and the nameservers.

If you are not positive about what nameservers are, let me clarify briefly. Each and every server is assigned to an IP address. Then, that IP is assigned to a unique set of nameservers or “ns”. In order for your internet web-site to show up, you will have to set your nameservers to point to these specific nameservers. I hope you comprehend, I did not want to get into it as well substantially.

Finding back to the value of nameservers, even if you have various c class IPs, but they are applying the similar namerservers, that is not search engine marketing hosting. There are a handful of search engine marketing hosting providers that “claim” it is search engine marketing hosting, simply because it is on various c class IPs, but it is not. The situation is, if the nameservers are not distinctive for each and every IP, then, that is not search engine marketing hosting. That is classic hosting, plain and easy.

Getting the similar set of nameservers for your c class IPs, is letting the search engines know that all your internet sites are hosted on the similar network. Thus, in the search engines eyes, the servers are the similar and not distinctive. That 1 modest significant element will defeat the objective of search engine marketing hosting and your search engine marketing efforts.

For the greatest final results, you will have to make positive that each and every IP is on a separate c class, and has it is personal custom nameserver for each and every IP.

Whois Supply

The whois supply is a different significant element. The search engines spend close consideration to the whois supply, for several causes. As talked about above, the nameservers and who owns the web-site. Search engines have been crawling the whois supply for a lengthy time and is a significant element in their algorithms. It aids them know who owns what, and fight internet spam. The whois supply has a direct impact on the way your internet web-site is ranked.

If you are applying public whois details, and all your internet sites are applying the similar details, then I would make them private. If you get search engine marketing hosting, but hold them public the similar, you are going to raise a red flag to the search engines. You never want that, defeats the objective.

Make your whois private, or you can use a pals and/or loved ones members details, but get permission initial. Make positive you inform them that their name, address and telephone quantity will be public. You also have to bear in mind that persons do information mining of the whois supply, even even though it is illegal and it is intended for informational purposes only. Just make positive you use a valid name, address and e mail address, in case their is a issue. You can steer clear of this, by just going private.

Even even though private corporations are applying the similar whois details repeatedly, but they are exempt from this.

Reality of Search engine optimization Hosting

The reality of search engine marketing hosting is that it is pricey and may perhaps not be appropriate for internet sites, the final results may perhaps differ and may perhaps not be worth it.

Search engine optimization hosting is pricey. It can expense you up to $eight per IP, based on if they are shared or committed. If you go with various c class shared IPs, it generally expenses about $four per IP, which is not as well undesirable. Now, committed various c class IPs are a lot extra pricey, specifically if they supply various geographical places, that can expense up to $10 per IP. To discover the greatest value and strategy, you will have to shop about.

Search engine optimization hosting is not as reputable as classic hosting, and you could have a lot of downtime. The search engine marketing hosting idea is nevertheless fairly new, and as time goes on and the demand, it will get greater. I have attempted a couple search engine marketing hosting providers, and they are not undesirable. I have not had any undesirable experiences, but.

Search engine optimization hosting is not appropriate for every person. If you only have a handful of internet sites, then, I would not even bother. You may perhaps not see substantially, if at all, any distinction in your final results.

In addition, if you have a network of 20 internet sites, then yes, search engine marketing hosting will be quite advantageous to you. A single issue to hold in thoughts, I would not host your complete network from the similar search engine marketing hosting provider, I would use various corporations. You never want all your internet sites coming from the similar geographical location and c classes. The greatest final results are to use various providers, with distinctive IPs, not just c class, but a complete various IP variety.

I am going to be absolutely truthful right here, there is a possibility that search engine marketing hosting may perhaps not increase your rankings at all. Your final results may perhaps differ based on the competitors in your niche and the size of your network of internet sites. If your niche is every single competitive, you may perhaps only raise your rankings a handful of spots. But, if you never have hardly any competitors, you could increase your rankings substantially.

Regardless of the hype surrounding search engine marketing hosting, final results will differ and a lot of aspects come into play. Search engine optimization hosting is not a speedy search engine marketing repair, but but a different variable to add to your search engine marketing practices. Search engine optimization is like baking a cake, if you place all the appropriate components in location, your final results will shine.


If you do strategy to implement search engine marketing hosting, make positive you usually speak to the corporation initial and ask them a series of concerns. By no means assume that they supply this and off that. I have been contacting search engine marketing providers, and I was shocked by some of their responses. Know what you are obtaining, prior to you get it.

To assist you out, beneath are a series of concerns I usually ask, and you should really as well, prior to obtaining any form of search engine marketing hosting strategy. Some of these concerns may perhaps appear like no brainer, but they are significant.

Are the IPs committed or shared?
What is the place of the IPs?
What is your buyer assistance response time?
Does each and every IP have it is personal custom nameserver?
What is your downtime?
Is there a dollars back assure?
I hope that this assist answer some concerns you may perhaps have had about search engine marketing hosting. Search engine optimization hosting can be a great increase for your rankings, and undesirable, if you apply it is philosophy incorrect. Be clever, prior to you jump the gun.